How I work

I would describe my approach as psychodynamic, but lean towards an existential perspective. Whilst the importance of past events, and relationship patterns or dynamics are integral to the person you are today, it is how you come to clarify and understand those events from the perspective of the present that will enable you to move forward.

In particular I feel that both the psychodynamic and existential approaches are more accessible and more relevant in a multicultural and increasingly secular society. Existential psychotherapy asks us to consider our values, and what really matters to us. We are invited to examine our lives, and encouraged to live courageously, responsibly, and with authenticity.

Therapy is a collaborative and creative endeavour, and it is widely recognised that it is the strength of the relationship that is key to therapeutic success, as opposed to any specific modality. I work in a non-directive way, where you lead the sessions. Whilst this can seem daunting at first, the intention behind it is for me concentrate on what you are bringing to the session, and to gain a greater understanding of how you inhabit  and experience your world.